• Any exterior façade which exists today can be used with the ICFs, any size, shape or design. In the demonstration home we selected a hybrid ICF log home utilizing the Katahdin Cedar Log Home Lakeview design with modifications to facilitate active and passive solar design features. As a sidebar, we elected to use Northern White Cedar logs due to their excellent natural durability, thermal properties, resistance to rot and insects and the sustainability practices utilized by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. In the demonstration project the cedar half logs will be attached to the insulation side of the single-sided ICF. Research is also underway to determine the feasibility of TWT construction utilizing a concrete masonry unit (CMU) (concrete block) or Architectural CMUs. Initial indicators suggest CMUs could be utilized in many TWT applications. Architectural blocks offer a broad range of both exterior and interior options while providing thermal conductivity. 
  • Any interior style can be utilized in a TWT home as long as it is a thermally conductive surface. This includes materials such as decorative concrete finishes, tile, brick, stone, plaster, paint and wall paper. The only limiting factor is the inside of the exterior walls cannot have a thermally insulative coating. The interior of demonstration project will have a traditional log home appeal featuring cedar logs for roof purlins, upright supports, select interior walls and traditional wood planking on select walls and the ceilings .  Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is a Platinum sponsor of the 3rd Millennium Project and will be providing the cedar log home package.   

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes