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The 3rd Millennium Project is a demonstration construction project introducing the Thermal Wall Technology and represents the next significant phase in the evolution of human shelter.

Thermal Wall Technology is a holistic construction technique which results in a structure over 75% more energy efficient than conventional construction, is economically affordable, technically feasible and applicable for both residential and commercial construction. By simply rearranging the layers of a structure we have developed a new technology enabling the structure to come very close to heating and cooling itself.  This patent pending technology will advance net-zero energy construction from the exception to the norm.


To introduce an innovative holistic building construction system advancing net-zero energy construction.

Benefits of the Thermal Wall Technology include:

  • A structure over 75% more energy efficient than a conventional wood or steel frame construction (before optional solar energy).
  • Enhanced heat pump efficiency by 39-60% over conventional construction.
  • Substantial reduction or total elimination of space cooling requirements.
  • Enhancement of hydronic solar collector efficiency by approximately 69% over conventional construction (if utilizing solar energy).
  • Enhancement of passive solar efficiency by approximately 50-75% over conventional construction (if utilizing passive solar features).

This website provides both overviews of the technology and detailed science discussion on the 19 identified benefits.

The 3rd Millennium Project represents a holistic construction technique which combines 3 millennia of building technology.

(1) Thermal mass, utilized by native Americans in south facing cliffs over a 1,000 years ago. The thermal mass assisted in keeping the inhabitants warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

(2) Thermal insulation and glass, extensively manufactured in the previous millennia.

(3) Thermal Wall Technology the new discovery of our millennia which integrates ancient, contemporary and new technology into a holistic building system which far exceeds current energy efficiency standards.

The 3rd Millennium Project is a demonstration of the Thermal Wall Technology (TWT), by innovator Michael Sandefur. Extensive research and modeling was conducted to verify the principles associated with the TWT science. Many aspects of the technology have been peer reviewed by the University of Southern Indiana with research continuing.

The project is supported by the Western North Carolina Green Building Council and a variety of entities, including corporations, nonprofit organizations, private foundations and individuals. Please see our complete list of supporters on the Home page.

The demonstration project will include pre-construction modeling, engineering, architectural design, post-construction analytical monitoring, analysis and periodic reporting. Each phase of construction will be video recorded (in a format suitable for PBS) and presented on the website, as well as full volume DVDs.

Should this demonstration home perform as peer reviewed modeling indicates, the 3rd Millennium home will have the potential to become:

  • The most energy efficient construction method in human history
  • Among the most air pollution reducing technologies in human history
  • The most physically and economically attainable, significant carbon reducing technology
  • The single most energy reducing technology in human history
  • The most significant fossil fuel reduction technology in human history

Appreciation is extended to the many environmentally conscientious corporations, organizations and individuals which have contributed their time and resources to this educational project. Special appreciation is extended to the Western North Carolina Green Builders Council (WNCGBC) for their support and the University of Southern Indiana for their research and peer review of the technology.


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